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Building and Electrifying a Greener Cold Chain

Release Time:2021-01-13

The population is expected to hit 9.7 billion people by the Year 2050, with 85% of this population concentrated in developing countries. To feed this population, global food production must increase by at least 70%, which puts enormous pressure on the agricultural sector. To ensure maximum agricultural efficiency and consumption, minimizing post harvesting loss is critical.

One way of minimizing post harvesting loss is through the development of an efficient cold chain. The “cold chain” refers to a temperature-controlled supply chain to transport, process, and store food at low temperatures. Cold chains play a huge role in reducing post-harvesting loss worldwide, especially in warmer regions. However, the cold chain contributes greatly to the climate change through the emission of refrigerants and greenhouse gases. 


Renewable energy technologies such as Solar can play a huge role in cutting greenhouse emissions in the cold chain. Recently in Zurich, Rhyner Logistik has been using a fully electric Renault truck equipped with 2.6 kWp of Sunman eArc lightweight SMF PV modules. The electricity from the roof will power the truck’s refrigeration system, which is used for grocery delivery to the local supermarkets.